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Lactic Acid
Product Details

Lactic Acid

Product Series:

Four specifications: pure lactic acid type; compound acid type I; compound acid type II (aquaculture); compound acid type III (livestock and poultry).

● Pure lactic acid type: effective ingredients ≥ 50%

● Compound acid type I: effective ingredients ≥ 50%

● Compound acid type II (aquaculture): effective ingredients ≥ 60%

● Compound acid type III (livestock and poultry): effective ingredients ≥ 60%

Physicochemical Properties:

● Pure lactic acid type and complex acid type I are white particles with uniform color and fluidity and sour taste.

● Compound acid type II (aquaculture) and compound acid type III (livestock and poultry) are light yellow and sour.

Application Scope:

● It is suitable for livestock, poultry and aquatic products.

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